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Hitachi ProSound F75 For Sale


Hitachi ProSound F75 ultrasound machine for sale is Hitachi’s flagship multi-purpose ultrasound machine in its “F” series of ultrasound machines. A used ProSound 75 ultrasound machine features full shared service capabilities, including obstetric 3D/4D and TEE capabilities. As its flagship product, the Hitachi Aloka ProSound F75 features its most premium options, including Directional power Doppler, Dual Dynamic Display, 3D/4D Real-Time with STIC and Multislice, Real-Time Elastography, Traced Volume measurements, MultiFollicle Volume, Dual Doppler, and Dynamic Slow Motion Display.


Manufacturer Hitachi
Manufacturing Year 2010
Warranty no
Inspection yes
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Rakesh Sharma

Feb 01, 2016

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